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Our Brand

About Carlo Rino

Established in 1986, Carlo Rino is a high-fashion brand specializing in ladies handbags, footwear and accessories crafted from the finest materials. As one of the fastest growing brands of this generation, Carlo Rino is set to take the fashion scene to new heights with its carefully curated and exciting products ranging from classy to contemporary, never lacking in variety.

Reaching out to beyond 62 countries and counting, Carlo Rino believes that all women, everywhere, deserves to express themselves freely through fashion, and for over 30 years we have made it our mission to empower that belief.

In short, Carlo Rino can be summed up in a few words: – Young, Fun, Bold and Colourful.

Tagline: My Life, My Colours.

Driven by the belief that all women deserve to express themselves through fashion, Carlo Rino has consistently produced high quality leather goods and footwear with innovative and contemporary designs. Captivating fashionistas everywhere with choices varying from urban chic, to elegant sophistication.

With a style identity that encompasses femininity and functionality, each Carlo Rino piece comprises of a perfect blend of contemporary and versatility. Allowing you to go from day to night, and from casual to formal without the hassle of switching accessories or compromising on your style.

Brand Philosophy

Carlo Rino, the brand that is synonymous with up-to-date, fresh and youthful trends, is constantly present to its fashionistas with products that are innovatively designed and in tuned with the latest fashion trends.

Carlo Rino’s style is all about femininity and functionality. It is stylish yet practical with perfect contemporary and versatility combinations that can easily transform your style from day to night and from casual to formal; definitely a must go-to brand amongst young cosmopolitan ladies.

As one of the fastest growing brands, Carlo Rino believes that fresh and fashionable designs coupled with quality materials is the key to capture the heart of many young urban women who wish to look their best all day!